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Choose a session type that best supports your intentions. What draws you?
While the modalities are unique and each offer a different path, the outcomes are the same – transformation and spiritual growth so that you can change your life … experience greater well-being and find deeper meaning.

Ancestor Healing



Did you know that Ancestor Healing could support you in every area of your life?

There are beliefs stored in your DNA that prevent you from having the life that you deserve. Releasing these limiting ideas and programs is the key to living the life of your dreams.

In our session together, I’ll guide you through a somatic experience where you can become aware and heal ancestral patterns. This is not ‘talk therapy’, nor is it mental gymnastics, our work focuses on your body’s sensations. The results are dynamic and lasting.

With the presence of deep and loving forgiveness, you’ll transform the past in order to live a greater potential.

It may not seem logical that connecting with our ancestors would affect us so profoundly. Yet, time and time again, clients experience:

Deep sense of peace and calm
Release of physical pressure or pain
More connected relationships (even with people they are not related to!)
Natural upgrades in career and finances
Overall self-confidence and empowerment

Are you sharing your soul’s gifts? Do you know what your gifts are? What is your higher purpose? Are you living the life you were born to live?

The Akasha is like a huge library that contains everything about your soul’s past, present, and future. When you understand your soul’s journey, you gain access to your soul’s next steps.

Let me help you discover your true self.

In an Akashic Reading you will receive profound insight and guidance to design your destiny in alignment with your deepest calling. Understand your past in order to redirect your future.

The benefits of an Akashic Reading are:

Clarity of your purpose
Self-acceptance and compassion
Loving discernment and specificity in your decision making
Peace of mind in knowing your soul’s origins and journey
Reclaiming your soul’s gifts

Akashic Reading

$60/30min $97/60min

Angel Reading

$60/30 min $97/60 min

Do you feel angels around you? Are you picking up on their uplifting messages for you? Would you like to connect with your angels?

You have at least one guardian angel and many more angelic energies or guides that are present and available to assist you. Imagine what it would be to have direct connection with their guidance and grace.

Sometimes it takes us a little bit to hear them and be able to accept their support. In an Angel Reading, I am here to help you attune your heart to them and hear their words of wisdom – just for you!

What the angles might convey to you:

Instructions and next steps for healing
The hidden blessings to be found in any life circumstance
Potential best outcomes in any situation and ways you can shift for the better
Blessings and loving words that give your comfort and advise

Do you feel stuck in some area of your life? Are you experiencing fatigue, depression, or low energy? Do you want to feel more creative, loving, and energetic?

When your chakras get blocked, your energy is not flowing. Chakras are the main energy centers in your body. Each chakra symbolizes an aspect of your emotional and physical well-being. When they are open and circulating, you are empowered and healthy.
What you might experience after a session:
Relief from chronic stress or pain (yahoo!)
Loving energy within and around you (increased self-esteem)

Chakra Balancing

$60/30min $97/60min

Hebrew Pendulum

$175 / 2 hours

The Hebrew pendulum is a  tool that helps you  become aware of where your energy is flowing or stagnant.  The pendulum helps clear out negative energies and send universal energy.  It is used for people and places like homes, work 
It helps us re-equilibrate our electromagnetic field (aura) by liberating blockages and neutralizing imbalances and sickness produced  by heavy energies 
– It helps us clearing out physical, mental and emotional bodies.
– It clears out our negative energies 
-Aligns the chakras and strengthens our aura 
-It helps getting rid of stress, anxiety and fears
-It helps you feel more in touch with yourself

Have you ever felt there was that one obstacle inside of you that you just can’t get over?

Workshops, therapy, books and a lot of compassion chip away at it, but just don’t seem to get at the core of what blocks your energy..

There are some energies that flow through us from before our birth.. these are the energetic patterns that are passed on to us from our ancestors

If you want to know more how your ancestors and their actions might affect your life I invite you to have a study of your genealogical tree

Intuitive Trans -generational

$60/30min $97/60min

Intuitive cord releasing

$60/30 min $97/60 min


Do you feel scattered, confused or overwhelmed? Is it hard for you to focus? 

Do you have a hard time making decisions? Are you thinking of others more than what’s beneficial for you?  Do you run out of energy quickly or just have low energy?

There are lines of energy and light that exist between us and those we are in relationship with.  Sometimes these lines get heavy with expectations, too many emotions or ideas about the past, present and future.
We can energetically release these lines and experience a lot more of our own vitality.  I support you in calling your energy back to yourself and letting go of other people’s energy from your auric field.
As we have this energy cleared we can experience more clarity in our thoughts and even in our emotions. 
A cord cutting session will help you access your own wisdom and let go of expectations that may be generated by others.  Afterwards people often feel that your they life can move forward in the right direction.

Integrated Healing Session Packages

If you are ready for big transformation, you are a match for my energetic make-over package.
You receive all 4 types of healing and reading sessions PLUS one-on-one time with me to support you integrating and anchoring in your own power and intuition. We’ll go deeper into your healing on all levels so that you are free to express your creativity and soul’s purpose.

This includes:

  • Ancestral Healing
  • Akashic Record Reading
  • Angel Reading
  • Chakra Balancing
  • 6 private guided intuitive sessions over 3 month
$ 800 (save $160)