Offered me many meaningful and encouraging insights

Gema’s gentle and fun presence offers a beautiful, loving environment for energy work and readings. Her care for her work and for those she serves is palpable. In our time together, Gema has offered me many meaningful and encouraging insights — things that have helped me see myself and the world through a new lens. Thank you Gema!
Michelle Holmes

Working with Gema is a wonderful experience!

I love how Gema brings her joy, compassion and positive perspective into each and every reading connecting to the Angels and Guides. As a reflective listener, she is a loving presence. Gema has a beautiful soul and shares her beautiful smile, heart-felt wisdom and love with all whom she meets.
Diane Albano Ed.D., Author, Speaker, Life and Leadership Coach

I felt a positive shift in my energy

I did a reading with Gema , when I was having some marriage troubles and I felt like giving up on it.. She told me that I needed to stick with it and it was on the cards that things will get better, & my Husband did in fact love me, even thought it was not obvious to me. It was not at all what I expected to hear, as I was ready to leave. I listened to the information and took so therapy with my Husband and things did improve and my marriage is much better. This direction that I received was so important for my family and I, if I didn't get that reading things could have gone in a direction, unnecessarily. She is compassionate, extremely honest & clear with her readings. She sheds light on your current situation. I felt the clearings of the chakras very effective and felt a positive shift in my energy. She is extremely intuitive, caring and gives so much. Her readings are fascinating & will absolutely give you the clarity that you need in your currently life situation. She has an amazing gift.
Sarah M

I discovered my spiritual gifts three years ago. It was quite accidental, and for my innocent eyes, very mysterious, too.
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