My name is Gema, Intuitive Healer

and Akashic Records Reader

I discovered my spiritual gifts three years ago. It was quite accidental, and for my innocent eyes, very mysterious, too.

I had a normal childhood, a mom, dad and one sister. The only thing I knew was that I wanted to study Economics, to understand how you could make money out of nothing,
and I wanted to live in NY. I got the second one… the first one is still work in progress.

Life can change in
a second

In 2015, life threw me a curved ball. My dad decided that life was not worth living and committed suicide. To say that this was shocking is the understatement. I was numb for a few weeks. When the truth of it really hit me,
I ended up with deep depression. 

About six months after my Dad’s suicide, my first introduction into the metaphysical world happened while brushing my teeth! (yes, really) I heard my dad talking to me. The interesting thing, I was not scared. It felt surprisingly normal and comforting, too.

I get a gift!

This changed me forever. I felt connected to my dad and also the spirit realms in a way I had only hoped for. I realized that I was intuitive. I learned that my emotional confusion could be erased through emotional connection with my heart and soul. My sensitivities are a gift. Yours are, too!

Preparation to
focus my intuition

Once I tasted this energy connection, I got hungry for more.

I attended and graduated from many spiritual courses, but my favorite (hands down) was How to Read Angel Cards. The Angels helped me re-discover my intuition and my
constant connection to the Divine. 

From that moment on I sought after the best education to develop my healing and clairvoyant gifts. I have certificates from well-respected courses taught by Radleigh Valentine, Sonia Choquette, Colette Baron-Reid and

You can hear to
your soul, too

Today, I have a connection with the other side that guides me constantly. I’m honored to support others in gaining clarity and breaking through emotional blocks. I follow my soul’s calling, and you can, too.

If what you are reading resonates with you,
check out my services.

Together, let’s make your life a more meaningful one!

We can make an appointment of 15 minutes to guide
you, contact me.